Upoker Ultimate Poker Club

Payment Methods

Currency - ILS


Rake Back

Private Deal


5% Cap 3 - BB



Trustability 85 / 100
Support 80 / 100
Software 80 / 100
Player skills 50 / 100

2021 Upoker Ultimate Poker Club

Israeli Ultimate Poker Club

Who is Ultimate Poker Club?

ULTIMATE Poker Club is part of the UPOKER Jewish Union, where most players are from Israel and Taiwan. In recent months, drastically increases its traffic after well-prepared marketing campaigns by the Union.

Games & Tables

The preferred games in the poker club are OMAHA 4 5 AND 6 CARDS and OMAHA High Low, and often there are several tables of 50/100 ISL. The tournaments are missing as well as most of the multi-table formats CIS Spin and Go and others. Cash Games are the most common format for playing. Texas Hold’em tables are not as strong as the pot-limit Omaha tables, but there is a wonderful game at low and mid-levels, which makes the room suitable for beginners.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Most of the players are from Israel and, as in most clubs, the currency of play is from which country most poker players are from. The currency of play is Israeli Shekel or in short (ILS). 1 ILS is approximately equal to 0.25 euros.


We and our partners do our best to be instant, in the worst case within a few hours.

The deposit of funds in the ULTIMATE POKER CLUB is in Cryptocurrency, BITCOIN LIGHTCOIN ETERIUM.

To make it easier for our customers, we also offer the option of a deposit of EURO in the most common E-Wallets, SCRILL NETTELLER PAPEL REVOLUTE to help reduce transfer fees.

If you do not have such an E-Wallet, you can view one of our offers HERE and we will assist you if you need to register.


Ultimate Poker Club makes withdrawals and Rakeback payments once a week, depending on your time zone.

We GUARANTEE funds of our players if they have not violated the rules of fair play or attempted fraud.

Contact us if you have questions

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